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BlueLeaf Conservation : OCEAN CO2 REMOVAL PROGRAM

Mitigating climate change

Entrepreneurs and Marine Biologists

We are entrepreneurs and marine biologists passionate about ocean protection and societal issues. We believe in the capacity of nature, and particularly of the oceans, to partially offset human activities.

Addressing the challenge of global warming and the loss of biodiversity requires entering a new area that combines science, ecosystem conservation and innovative ways of financing.

BlueLeaf Conservation is positioned as a disruptive and innovative leader capable of bringing together private and public actors to address the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

The oceans are one of the first victims and one of the first solutions to global warming. They have absorbed 38% of human CO2 emissions over the last 200 years, but unfortunately the ecosystems that give them these fabulous capacities are under constant pressure (degradation of coastal areas, acidification or plastic pollution for example).

The problems of global warming have a strong impact on companies, which are obliged to reduce their impact on the environment for reasons of image and the sustainability of their activity. The oceans are an opportunity for companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and an essential capital to preserve in the development of human activities.

Companies as well as member states of the Paris Agreement are looking for solutions to mitigate their emissions. The voluntary carbon offset market is booming with demand outstripping supply and is mainly based on terrestrial reforestation solutions. Companies are looking for solutions that combine social, climate and biodiversity benefits, which are inherent benefits of marine carbon projects. The creators of BlueLeaf are ocean enthusiasts who want to develop solutions to mitigate global warming by involving businesses, communities and citizens in respecting the oceans and the climate.

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We are a team of 2 co-funders passionate about ocean protection and societal issues.